Neolebias unifasciatus (Black neolebias, African Characin to a band)

Neolebias unifasciatus (Black neolebias, African Characin to a band)


The Neolebias Unifasciatus fish is a freshwater fish belonging to the Aplocheilidae family. It measures approximately 2.5 centimeters long and is characterized by its silver gray color with a vertical black strip along its body.

The Neolebias Unifasciatus is from the coastal waters in the southwest of Africa, more precisely of the region of salt marshes of the Guinean coast. It is a fish adapted to shallow and not very oxygenated waters, and it is able to adapt to significant variations in salinity.

Neolebias Unifasciatus is a lonely fish that feeds mainly on small crustaceans and invertebrates found in its natural habitat. It is active during the day and rests at night by hiding under the leaves or submerged branches.

Neolebias Unifasciatus is an oviparous fish, that is to say that it lays eggs rather than giving birth to fry. Females lay their eggs on the plants or submerged branches, where they are protected from predators. The fry is born after a few days and are independent from birth.

Neolebias Unifasciatus is a fairly rare fish in aquarium because it is difficult to find in the trade. However, it is appreciated by aquariophiles for its beauty and ease of maintenance. It is important to provide him with a suitable habitat with immersed plants and branches so that he can hide and reproduce. In general, the Unifasciatus Neolebias is a peaceful fish that is suitable for community aquariums.



  • Adult size : 5 cm
  • Behaviour : Pleasant
  • Food : Omnivorous


  • Water type : Freshwater, hot
  • Temperature : 23 - 29 °C
  • pH : 5.9 - 7.2
  • Minimum aquarium capacity (in liters) :


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