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On Aquaryus.com, dive into the world of aquarium keeping by discovering thousands of fish and aquarium plants, but also crustaceans, invertebrates, and even snails, all with complete sheets describing their characteristics and behaviour so that you can make your choice to set up your aquarium and look after them in the best way.

For each fish, for example, you can discover information about their origin, diet, water type, sexual dimorphism, etc.  In addition, you'll become knowledgeable about fish with our articles on their anatomy, their different mouth shapes and tail. Do you suspect one of your fish is ill? Find out the symptoms, causes, and remedies for each fish disease. And if these are your plants that are sick, also discover the solutions in order to cure them.

different types of algae that invade your aquariums, and learn all there is to know about water, the soil, rocks, or racines in order to decorate your fish house in the best possible way.

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Atyopsis moluccensis

Aquarium crustaceans

Atyopsis moluccensis

Large bluish shrimp, without pliers and with fans used to capture his food. This large shrimp with ...

Crustaceans list

Diadema setosum

Aquarium invertebrates

Diadema setosum

Large fine and cylindrical body. Many tentacles, long and tangled, all identical. A foot - DSIQUE pr...

List of invertebrates

Pachymelania fusca

Aquarium snails

Pachymelania fusca

Rather aesthetic in aquariums than useful. Moves more willingly on "solid" surfaces than on the subs...

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